A Brain-Stimulating Mobile Game Called Solitaire^

Camel Motion Inc. now offers Solitaire^ to you all after a successful run with the social casino games. Most of the time, people try to relax by doing anything that takes their focus away from the routine of their jobs and studies. Therefore, by giving people a respite, casual games save the day. They also use the energy they gain from playing these activities to focus on their work.

Simple video games called casual games typically have file sizes under 100 MB. Furthermore, these games’ aesthetic appeal is not particularly strong. These games also feature a substantial number of levels, which maintains players’ interest.

The player must place each card in line with the rules of the game, whether it is Solitaire, Patience, or Klondike on a tabletop. It’s a lone person game where the player can break his own records.  In essence, the player must arrange all of the cards from their respective suits in ascending order on the foundations, beginning with the Aces.


When compared to other Solitaire games on the market, Camel Motion’s version stands out and is highly distinctive. So let’s examine its appealing qualities in detail.

Attractive Attributes of Solitaire^

  • The user can first select from a selection of themes and backgrounds based on his preferences.
  • Additionally, there are a tonne of intriguing card covers in this game, which makes it even more entertaining to play.
  • Moreover, the user has the choice to enable or disable the game sounds.
  • Likewise, by choosing the time limit and moveset, he can up the ante.
  • Once Standard Scoring is selected, he is able to compete against himself.
  • Since none of the player’s tricks even stray slightly from the Statistics Board, the player can keep an eye on his progress there.
  • In addition, if a player can’t get any further in the game, he/she can use the Hint option.
  • Finally, he can potentially decide to Undo any of his actions. 

The Must Know Rules of Solitaire^

  • The stock cards should be first placed face-up on the trash heap.
  • The player can then decide whether to place the top card of the trash pile onto the tableau or the foundations, depending on his needs.
  • Additionally, the player has the option of placing the card on the foundations or moving it from one tableau pile to another.
  • You may also arrange these tableau cards by switching the colors.
  • In addition, a card sequence may be transferred from one tableau column to another.
  • A new tableau card is created when a face-down tableau card is revealed; this new tableau card can only be filled with a King.
  • It is possible to recycle cards from the garbage heap when the supply runs out.
  • You will win the game when every card is placed on a foundation.
  • You will, however, lose it when there are no more moves left.

You may go back on your Moves

It might be fairly challenging for a total beginner to learn how to play Solitaire. Once the players have reviewed the rules, they may quickly start playing this fantastic card game. The player can occasionally become immobile, though.

In these crucial circumstances, Solitaire^ has a Hint feature that is accessible. By selecting Hint, they can observe the subsequent step and then proceed. When we are completely immobile, The Hint actually seems to be a lifesaver.

Also available is the Undo button. It’s normal for us to occasionally question the decision we just made. The Undo option comes in handy in those situations. As the name implies, you can simply perform the move you planned to make after reversing your previous action.


Check out the various Eye-Catching Themes of Solitaire^

You may improve your experience in Solitaire^ by picking from a variety of captivating themes and Card Covers. The color scheme varies between the saffron hue of the seashore and the lush green meadows of tropical jungles. White mountain ranges and green forests are two more attractive themes. 

In addition to this, there are also fantastic card covers. This card covers feature some incredible patterns and motifs which greatly improves the gaming adventure.

Depending on your Moves, there is a Scoring Pattern in Solitaire^

In Solitaire^, a scoring system is employed while the player plans his motions. Each form of motion in this area is associated with specific points. Look at the tabular representation below for more information.

Waste to Tableau +5 Points
Waste to Foundation +10 Points
Tableau to Foundation +10 points
Turn over Tableau Card +5 Points
Foundation to Tableau -15 Points

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In a nutshell, Solitaire^ has a number of benefits. A person’s attention span or ability to focus is primarily lengthened by it. Second, it offers a sense of relaxation from the everyday monotony’s routine. And last but not least, anyone of any age can play this terrific game and get a great brain workout. With this masterwork of cognitive design, Camel Motion Inc. has once again astounded everyone. Therefore, begin this voyage by downloading it from The App Store.

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