Benefits Of WhatsApp Automation For Events

Whatsapp has become a tool that most event planners and organizers prefer for hosting an event be it an in-person event, hybrid event, or virtual event. With WhatsApp, it has become more convenient for event organizers to manage and plan their events. 

WhatsApp automation is a feature that offers various benefits from managing event registrations and ticketing to sending automated reminders and messages to customers WhatsApp can do it all for event planners and organizers. In this article, we will be discussing various benefits of using WhatsApp automation for events

Benefits of Whatsapp For Events 

Here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp automation for events: 

1. Support Event Registration 

Whatsapp is the tool that can manage the whole event. You can use WhatsApp for event registration, if you don’t want to use an event registration platform  WhatsApp can be the best alternative for managing event registrations. 

With the help of WhatsApp, event organizers and planners can send the automated registration form to their contacts. These forms can also be customized. With WhatsApp, it becomes easy to manage the potential audience of the event. 

2. Online Ticketing

Event ticketing is the next benefit of using WhatsApp automation for event registration. With the help of WhatsApp, automation event planners and organizers will be able to sell tickets, they don’t need a dedicated event ticketing platform for managing and selling tickets online. With the help of WhatsApp automation event planners can not just sell tickets, they can also send regular updates, reminders, and discounts regarding event tickets. It becomes easy for event attendees to get tickets on WhatsApp.

3. Feedback Collection

Whatsapp is the app that most of the event attendees use so collecting feedback from WhatsApp becomes easier and more convenient. With the help of WhatsApp, automation feature event organizers can either send a feedback collection message or form or they can share a microsite link for sharing the feedback after the event. With the help of WhatsApp, it is more convenient for an event planner and organizer to be able to manage all the data and feedback in one place. 

4. Sales 

Whatsapp automation has various benefits and helps event organizers sell their products and services through WhatsApp. With the help of Whatsapp automation, businesses and events can manage all their sales and event merchandise. In addition, WhatsApp automation can help event organizers create a catalog for sale that will help them manage their products, price, and sale. Whatsapp also offers a business account dedicated to all individuals who want to use WhatsApp for their business specifically. If you want to use a cost-effective way of managing your event merchandise, WhatsApp can be your best option. 

5. Better Engagement 

Engaging customers and audiences are essential for a business or organization. Even the event planners and organizers want to engage their audience to build a strong connection with them. Another benefit WhatsApp offers to event organizers and planners is that it helps them interact and engage with their audience. With the help of WhatsApp events, planners can regularly send small messages and reminders to keep their audience engaged. Whatsapp automation is more like a two-way communication tool and is helpful for both event organizers and audiences.

6. Cost-Effective Marketing 

Marketing plays a crucial role for any business and organization. Event planners need a robust marketing strategy to make any event vast and successful. Various platforms are available in the industry for event marketing, but WhatsApp automation is the newest and most effective method of event marketing. With the help of automation, event organizers can reach their target audience, send them more personalized messages and notifications, offer them discounts and try to build a strong image through WhatsApp.

7. Customer Support 

Robust customer support is another benefit of WhatsApp automation for events and businesses. With the help of WhatsApp, automation event planners can offer customer support to the attendees 24*. They can ask questions, and their query will be solved. Customer support by WhatsApp is simple and quick. 

8. Automatic Messages And Notifications 

If you want to send automated messages, reminders, and notifications to your audience for the event, then WhatsApp automation is the tool that can help you. With the help of automation, you will be able to send push notifications, regular reminders regarding event dates, ticket sales, venue, and other updates and reminders regarding the event.

The Bottom Line

Whatsapp automation is not just beneficial for business. It can also offer various advantages to the event industry. Various event planners and organizers have started using WhatsApp to make their events more advanced. If you are planning any event, using WhatsApp to offer event registration and tickets and manage sales and notifications can help you manage all your data and insights in one place.

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