Malwarebytes Vs. Bitdefender; Which One To Choose

Do you know that 97 people become victims of cybercrime every hour? This indicates that a cybercrime occurs every 37 seconds. It is crucial to have dependable antivirus software for your machine given the growing occurrence of cybercrime.

Top antivirus programmes like Bitdefender and Malwarebytes compete with several other well-known brands like Avast. Both protect your Windows computer, but which should you pick? Malwarebytes vs. Bitdefender is the main topic of this article; continue reading to see which is superior.


Bitdefender vs. Malwarebytes

In the cybersecurity sector, Malwarebytes and Bitdefender are well-known brands for offering cutting-edge malware protection.


There are many strategy-related similarities between the two businesses’ offerings to potential clients, thus there is much to compare in terms of malware processing and tracking, backed gateways, and disaster recovery.


When making a decision, several questions come to mind, such as: Is Bitdefender superior to Malwarebytes? Do I require Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, etc.? In order to learn more about both, I have compared their features here.


Virus Defense

Both antivirus apps offer quick, thorough, and basic scanning options, but Bitdefender also has a compatibility mode search option. Furthermore, a quick scan is not advised because it will only find malware in the most obvious places on the hard drive, unless you have one of the best antivirus programmes available.


A short summary of your system’s vulnerability is provided by Bitdefender’s vulnerability inspection service. Malwarebytes doesn’t have this feature because of its more thorough scanning, even in its premium package.


Conclusion: Malware does not provide as much protection against viruses as Bitdefender does.


Real-Time Security

Antivirus software is constantly monitoring potential hazards both offline and online. That Malwarebytes’ free plan does not offer real-time security is disheartening because it leaves you open to a variety of online dangers whenever you use the internet.


The test accuracy for Malwarebytes was 98.8%, exceeding the 97% average of most competitors. In contrast, Bitdefender’s test accuracy for serious dangers, like phishing emails and websites hosting malware, is 99.7%.


Conclusion: The bottom line is that Bitdefender offers more real-time protection than Malwarebytes.


System Performance

A simple scan with Malwarebytes will take a few minutes, and the CPU load won’t seem to go down or up during that time. Even though a comprehensive scan would take around an hour, you may swiftly manage several browser tabs. While installing specific applications, you can notice a slowdown.


The speed of my PC is also little impacted by Bitdefender. Additionally, the rate won’t go down when installing software. You can multitask while the entire scan runs in the background. In addition, Bitdefender was almost twice as speedy as Malwarebytes, finishing a thorough scan in under one hour.


Conclusion: Malwarebytes is slower and less effective than Bitdefender.


Password Manager

If you utilise a password manager, Password Manager Spyware cannot monitor your keystrokes.

It enhances your defence in areas where a typical antivirus can’t.

This functionality is absent from Malwarebytes while Bitdefender offers it as part of every package, making it simple and quick to use.


Parental Control

You may monitor your child’s online and offline activity using this feature.

This feature of Bitdefender enables you to keep an eye on your child’s online activity.

Not available in Malwarebytes is this feature.


Document Shredder

Even if an intruder has access to a portion of the original file, a shredder encrypts it on multiple levels, making it virtually useless.

Although it will take some time, Bitdefender’s functionality enables you to manage your private data.

This feature is absent from Malwarebytes.


VPN, or virtual private network

This feature is present in both antivirus programmes.

Every package from Bitdefender comes with a VPN with a 200MB/day data cap.

The standard bundle is restricted to 27 countries but does not have this restriction.

Malwarebytes’ VPN has no data caps and offers coverage in more than 30 countries.

Although the VPN from Malwarebytes is a little slower, it offers more potent unblocking functions and passed all quality assessments.



a crucial element for maintaining your online security.

With a number of sophisticated features, Bitdefender has a straightforward and powerful firewall.

This feature is absent from Malwarebytes.



Although Bitdefender antivirus is pricey, it makes up for it by offering cutting-edge malware detection algorithms and slicing features.

An great antivirus application is Malwarebytes. Over prior models, it has considerably improved in terms of speed and virus test results. Unquestionably, the most recent upgrade will protect the system from zero-day assaults.

There are certain disadvantages, though. Malwarebytes is safe and efficient for technically savvy users, but non-technical users will struggle to solve any problems. This is a result of their subpar customer service, which consists only of FAQ sites and email support.

The software is also rather pricey, especially if you select the Premium + Privacy edition. So, if I had to choose, Malwarebytes Premium would be the best option. It costs less than the Privacy package and is better than free.



Malwarebytes and Bitdefender offer numerous advantages and help a lot of enterprises secure their IT systems. As the firm expands, both brands fight to implement the most recent endpoint network security.

Malwarebytes’ exceptional result in the crucial protection test is especially noteworthy, even though Bitdefender had a better overall performance and more features. Keep visiting






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